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The fate of Alexis

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"The fate of Alexis" is an action-rpg.
The Labyrinth is the place where mutants are held prisoners.
My sister is just like them.
I have to kill her before she loses her humanity.
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Added a gameplay video. ^^
The fate of Alexis
The fate of Alexis
The fate of Alexis
The fate of Alexis
The fate of Alexis
The fate of Alexis
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reykokuna (Taso 4) 2018-06-01
è solo in inglese giusto? :'(
geod_3 (Taso 10) 2016-10-09
Nice game!
Becom77 (Taso 8) 2016-05-22
very nice ! i love how you added the use of the rope ! 4/5 !
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