The Bounce Master

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The Bounce Master is a challenging 2D puzzle game inspired by old-school minimal graphics in which you have to combine a limited number of bounces, the right trajectory and the perfect timing to shatter the target. In this version you can find the first twenty levels. The full version, constantly updated, is available on the Google Play Store and on the Apple Store
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The Bounce Master
The Bounce Master
The Bounce Master
The Bounce Master
The Bounce Master
The Bounce Master
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indiexpo Interviews (90 Jalokivet) 2017-04-20

6 Questions for... Giulio Davì

Stre93 (2258 Jalokivet) 2016-11-03

is there an online version ?

Eugor (3289 Jalokivet) 2016-11-02

i like the game looks and i think it will be fun to plat but even more fun if it was muliplayer but it will sill be fun Good luck with the game :D

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