Seraphic Blue

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Seraphic Blue (セラフィックブルー) is a 50+ hour epic RPG made by Tempura in RPG Maker 2000 v1.51, and is highly-received in the Japanese RPG Maker community, most notably for its story.
Seraphic Blue is well-known for its
- Deep and intriguing atypical dark storyline with a deep underlying message
- Highly creative custom battle and menu systems
- Awesome music
and many more!
Kieli: English  
Seraphic Blue
Seraphic Blue
Seraphic Blue
Seraphic Blue
Seraphic Blue
Seraphic Blue
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Eugor (Taso 13) 2016-11-02
This game looks really awesome and an original idea.
geod_3 (Taso 9) 2016-10-18
good work ! But it's not like nocturne :P
Feih (Taso 8) 2016-10-16
is it famous in japan ?
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