River Tails

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River Tails: Stronger Together is a 3D action-adventure platformer designed around a unique couch co-op system.
Take a deep breath and plunge into an immersive world of lush vegetation and glistening waters with Furple the cat & Finn the fish. Traveling together through woodland and river, help them return home.
#platform #coop #coopgame #adventure #3d #unity
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River Tails: Stronger Together is NOW officially LIVE on Kickstarter! We have such a great game planned, but we can't turn it into reality without you. Show our Kickstarter some love and, before you know it, you’ll have your paws on the game! https://www.rivertailsthegame.com/kickstarter
River Tails
River Tails
River Tails
River Tails
River Tails
River Tails
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hammergames Uusi (Taso 4) 2022-01-28
Very beautiful game.
Freank Vahvistettu (Taso 16) 2021-12-11
Congratulations guys! Just watched that you passed Kickstarter! I played the game as single player but it was too hard for me! I hope to see soon new updates! You made a great work, and today is your day!
franco999 (Taso 14) 2021-12-08
Gioco molto ben fatto. Solo un piccolo suggerimento: il suono dello "splash" è quello che si sente di più. Ma lo fa solo il pesce. Quando con il gatto finivo in acqua, non faceva "splash". Inoltre suggerirei di aggiungere diversi "splash" come rumore. Dopo un po' stavo impazzendo
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