NekoChan HERO

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Mengasoft - Cosimo Menga

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NekoChan Hero is a 3D platform game with a particular graphic style and a varied gameplay. Controls:- [Ctrl > Fire] - [Space bar > Jump] - [Alt > Use powers] - [TAB / Q > Scroll inventory] - [Enter > Pause] #platform #platformer
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Uutuudet: 4
Version now available: - Added the fourth level - Improved gravity - improved Shuriken design
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NekoChan HERO
NekoChan HERO
NekoChan HERO
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lovinggood (Taso 4) 2020-10-11
where is the plot? where is the goal? why am I here? Is there a princess? is there a final boss? you should to add a reason to go on
Songoku (Taso 9) 2020-08-21
The gravity is very low. You should improve the Shuriken design and animation. It doesn't spin. Add also a tail during the spin
Zachurrate (Taso 6) 2020-08-20

YouTube GameplayReally enjoyed my time with this. Fun music, well catered level design, and an adorable hero. Love the shop mechanic and appreciate that the collectible coins have a practical in- game use. Excited for more updates.
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