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Set in a medieval time of blades and beasts. Master Or Slave, the choice is yours. Help the townsfolk and vendors with tasks (quests). Level up and earn coin to upgrade your gear. Early Access, Playable Demo. #Exclusive #rpg
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MOS - Early Acess
MOS - Early Acess
MOS - Early Acess
MOS - Early Acess
MOS - Early Acess
MOS - Early Acess
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Lev_Arris Profile (Taso 6) 2019-05-05

Replacing trailer with a devlog video Just a short video of the developing world, some areas, some features and action.. and some bugs. (5/5/19)

Fellowplayer Profile (Taso 22) 2019-05-03

Looks nice, how much of it is original content?

Lev_Arris Profile (Taso 6) 2019-04-21

Keys: wasd OR arrow keys - Movement 1~9 - Select weapon slot to equip 0 - Unequip weapon space - Jump Ctrl - Crouch Shift - Run e - Interact/chat/pickup item i - Open inventory o , p - Cycle through (view) shop items [ - Purchase selected shop item Mouse - Control looking direction / elevation LMB - Use item in hand / Attack LMB - Inventory select, drag, re-order, drop items RMB - Inventory consume or use item

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