Metal Tales: Overkill

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Metal Tales: Overkill is an action-adventure game where Metal and Adrenaline clash to give you the ultimate 3D roguelike guitar-shooter. Fight against the looming curse affecting your Metal brothers and free them from an ancient evil.
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Hi! Great news! We can announce that Metal Tales: Overkill's Kickstarter crowdfunding has reached its funding goal yesterday in under 8 hours! Support us here: Bests!
Metal Tales: Overkill
Metal Tales: Overkill
Metal Tales: Overkill
Metal Tales: Overkill
Metal Tales: Overkill
Metal Tales: Overkill
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Best IndieGames (Taso 16) 2020-12-05
This game is in the video about the Top 5 BEST NEW Indie Games of November 2020

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lucyinthespace (Taso 15) 2020-11-21
Very very good. Easy to play, perfect design and amazing music!
Tails_Strife Vahvistettu (Taso 14) 2020-11-13
pratically a binding of isaac game in metal version and with portoguese dub...I love it
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