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Lost Sector

10 Pelaajaa - 9 Tilaajaa Tilaajaa
Julkaistu: 08/03/2020

Browser Game


A simple space shooter.
My first videogame, hope you like!
Use the mouse to move an evade enemies. Left click to shoot. Right click to use special attack.
You must collect 500 coins to win.
It also has an endless mode, how much time will stand? Put in practise your reflexs!
Kieli: English  
Lost Sector
Lost Sector
Lost Sector
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TenTen92 (Taso 10) 2020-03-10
nice start, but please, in the description, write about the gameplay and the game. "why to play it?" "how to play it?" try to answer those questions.
lucyinthespace (Taso 15) 2020-03-08
Very good to be your first game! Incredible
Fry2 (Taso 12) 2020-03-08
you selected the wrong engine. It's not 3d adventure studio, it is unity
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