Kulebra - Demo

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Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo - Demo. An adventure where you’ll meet the many good and not-so-good folks of Limbo. Use your wits and keen eye to gather clues from the residents and find items that will help uncover the mystery of Limbo and its curse that traps souls into repeating the same day on loop.
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Kulebra - Demo
Kulebra - Demo
Kulebra - Demo
Kulebra - Demo
Kulebra - Demo
Kulebra - Demo
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Best IndieGames (Taso 16) 2021-11-07
This game is in the video about the Top 4 Indie Games of September 2021

YouTube Gameplay
garryblu (Taso 5) 2021-10-09
My gameplay video ►
YouTube Gameplay
Rating 10/10 stars for this game. This game so interesting. Gameplay, characters, story, graphic, control was perfect :D
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