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Pc white Lataa (25,2 Mt)
Pc white Lataa (25,2 Mt)

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Gesan (Taso 11) 2022-04-25
I think that the best side of this game that creates a real horror atmosphere is the colour palette. It is perfect! Started to play few minutes ago and it is a very good game
Decelo (Taso 11) 2021-10-01
Just completed. Did you add multiple endings? The pixel art is very good. Sometimes I found it very easy to play. The horror part is good, but not so jumpscared. A good game.
baskerville (Taso 3) 2020-10-25
Very enjoyable!
Coopa (Taso 10) 2020-08-20
why am I here?
Brim (Taso 11) 2019-12-31
You are a master. Another great game
Sekayo (Taso 12) 2019-12-28
LightOfApollo (Taso 6) 2019-12-03
Amazing job bro, keep up the good work! Here is my first look
YouTube Gameplay
LesGrossman (Taso 12) 2019-10-12
Good but too repetitive
franco999 (Taso 14) 2019-09-07
A new interesting popular game!
Balthasaurus (Taso 4) 2019-09-06
This is a great game, I love the style and progression. However, the controls are a little uncomfortable at times, for example, it's difficult to switch keys while moving. Also, perhaps when you pick up a key, it goes to the front of the ring so it's easier to see what the new one is? Overall, though, really enjoyed playing!
galaga (Taso 10) 2019-09-04
great pixel art
Best IndieGames (Taso 18) 2019-09-02
This game is in the video about the 4 Best FREE Games of August 2019

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