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Pc white Lataa
Pc white Lataa
J4CK-0-L4NTERN is a short platformer where the only way to destroy enemies is reflecting the projectiles they shoot at you. As the name suggests it should be a reimagining of the legend of the Jack o' Lantern in a futuristic setting, but not really.
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**Update** -Fixed the crashes that used to happen in the web version -Now if the shield energy goes below 25% it starts recharging, this way if the shield runs out of energy you are not forced to restart the section
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Myrkvidr (Taso 12) 2019-10-17
the browser demo won't load
Fellowplayer Profile (Taso 22) 2018-12-14
Ah I missed this one for Halloween
Sekayo (Taso 12) 2018-11-27
I played the PC version and it works good. but, previously, I played the online version and I had JS iusses. Fix it, this is my only tip, also because a lot of players prefer to play the games online.
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