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You are Robert the robber. To marry your girlfriend, you need the most beautiful ring ever! The problem? You’re poor!Steal the houses of your village, like a real robber!- Escape from the villagers by hiding in many safe zones!
- Find a way out with your loot!
- Will your score be high enough for her to say “Yes”?
(Made during the Ludum Dare 40 #LDJAM)
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Honey Money
Honey Money
Honey Money
Kommenttia (3)
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Fellowplayer Profile (Taso 22) 2018-01-03
This would be pretty good as a 3D game.
kalindor (Taso 12) 2017-12-07
Cool concept, a bit rushed backgrounds but good art overall. Only bad thing I could mention is that I found it a bit confusing, not sure if I’m doing it wright or not, needs some feedback. Besides that, Nice work.
Sekayo (Taso 12) 2017-12-06
can you upload the webgl version?
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