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Hack it!

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Julkaistu: 22/11/2018


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Hack it!
A game by BigBuckBunny
I started this game two days ago and I really enjoyed making it!
How to Play:
Press the keys of your keyboard to get points, buy upgrades into the shop and reach 1B points to win!
Special thanks to Samuele Sciacca
Also, thanks to SviluppareGiochi
Kieli: English  
Hack it!
Hack it!
Kommenttia 6
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wearevenom (Taso 12) 2018-11-23
ok, you know how to make games. Now we wait your next game!
franco999 (Taso 13) 2018-11-22
Non aggiungo molto altro a quello che ti ha detto Marius. Ottima idea e rapida realizzazione. Manca l'effetto sfida, ma sono sicuro che il prossimo sarà migliore. Si vede che hai talento! Ti consiglio di aggiungere qualche hashtag nella descrizione tipo #myfirstgame
Aech (Taso 6) 2018-11-22
the style is nice! Like a retro game! did you make the graphic? nice! I have to try it. I like the games about hacking!
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