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GALAX is a clone of the famous #retrogame Galaxians. But this one is also playable on #mobile or using the #indiepad. If you are logged on the website, you can also send your #score online, because it supports the #scoresystem of indiexpo. Perfect for the #retrogaming lovers! #exclusive
Kieli: English   Svenska   Nederlands   Bahasa Indonesia   Francais   Deutsch   Italiano   한국어   Українська   Suomi   Espanol   日本語   Polski   中文 (简体)   Русский   Portugues  
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gamefive Vahvistettu (Taso 16) 2019-12-04
very very good game!
indiexpo Addons (Taso 13) 2018-06-23
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.
Click and Play!
Freank Vahvistettu (Taso 18) 2018-06-17
I'm going crazy for this retrogames! And I used the same filter for my game in c2 :D
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