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Flat Zombie

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Pc white Lataa (15,8 Mt)
Pegi16 Over 250 downloads
Game Made during the LDJam#37 First game made solo and first game in unity.
(L Stick)/(ESDF) to move your character (works both in "azerty" and "qwerty" keyboards)
(Space) (L Mouse) ((A) on xbox controller) to hit.
(Escape) to quit the game.
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Flat Zombie
Flat Zombie
Flat Zombie
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Clarissalilium (Taso 3) 2022-09-16
Ha un ambientazione carina è un tipo di gioco facile e intuitivo, a me è piaciuto questo gioco!
tiko (Taso 5) 2020-08-13
Looks promising!
conawa8140 (Taso 4) 2020-03-24
Will the environments be larger?
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