Demons Never Lie

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Demons Never Lie is a graphic adventure made with voxel and low-poly where even your soul is at stake. An incredible and dark story with elements of the classic point&click and visual novels. An exciting interactive experience with a unique atmosphere.This game is being developed by only one person with Unity. Coming on 2019.
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Demons Never Lie
Demons Never Lie
Demons Never Lie
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Morningstar (Taso 9) 2020-04-18
Great #lowpoly eork
Marco Sacchetti (Taso 10) 2020-04-15
L'ho visto anche su steam! Hi voluto giocare prima la demo però! Un ottimo gioco. Meglio di quello che sembra dal video
jaco (Taso 9) 2020-03-23
really cool effects and graphics
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