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Catch the Bag

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Julkaistu: 08/12/2017



#LDJAM #SecondGame
Kieli: English  
Uutuudet: 2
Add 2 new level. Now you can restart level with Esc key or quit main menu
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Catch the Bag
Catch the Bag
Catch the Bag
Kommenttia (3)
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Luis (Taso 17) 2018-01-22
I like that you focused on a simple idea, polished the crap out of it. Nice work.
Fellowplayer Profile (Taso 22) 2018-01-03
A description would help as I do not know what I am going to do in this game.
Marco Sacchetti (Taso 9) 2017-12-08
Nessuna descrizione?
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