Avelions 2

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Radian F / cradth

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Magic Master Maegarf sent a Historia, Sido Helvar, to put an end to God Ferde's "plan" in the Tower of Immortals...However, despite Ferde being defeated, Sido vanishes without a trace. While there are no more Historias that can be summoned to enter the tower, Auvrelyn, who was Sido's apprentice, enters the tower herself to search for her master and the truth that lies hidden.
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Avelions 2
Avelions 2
Avelions 2
Avelions 2
Avelions 2
Avelions 2
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Coopa (Taso 10) 2020-08-20
classic rpg maker game with classic assets, but good plot
Deneris (Taso 16) 2020-01-26
La trama sembra abbastanza interessante anche se piuttosto classica non diversa da molti altri giochi come questo
Deusexmachina (Taso 7) 2018-10-05
I enjoy this one so far! funny characters and good mapping, and the bear is so cute.
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