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A Espada (Beta)

134 Pelaajaa - 4 Tilaajaa Tilaajaa
[Em desenvolvimento] - #exclusive
Setas Direcionais - Movimentação
Z - Atacar
X - Pular
Kieli: Espanol   Portugues  
Uutuudet: 4
Game Updated, HTML5 Version is a demo for download and play.
A Espada (Beta)
A Espada (Beta)
A Espada (Beta)
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Decelo (Taso 11) 2021-10-06
It looks a good game. Even it it use the classic assets of rpgmaker
Luis (Taso 17) 2018-08-12
Quando o desenvolvedor é bom consegue tirar o melhor da ferramenta que ta usando.
Fellowplayer (Taso 23) 2018-08-11
Despite the lack of images or screenshots I gave it a go, its not in English and there seems to be some kind of password required. So I couldn't play it.
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