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8-BIT Halloween

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ENG: take control of Jackie-Gun and live his dreadful Halloween Night between zombies and ghosts in this classic inspired by Contra! ITA: prendi il controllo di Jackie-Gun e vivi la sua terrificante notte di Halloween tra zombie e fantasmi in questo classico ispirato al famoso Contra!

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8-BIT Halloween
8-BIT Halloween
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arj0n Profile (Taso 7) 2020-01-24

Nice one! Reminds me of Apogee's 'Halloween Harry' (aka 'Alien Carnage') for DOS :)

logicandchaos Profile (Taso 4) 2017-04-28

Looks really cool! Actually reminds me of a game I played as a kid called Dangerous Dave 2, downloading :)

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