When They Cry [v2018]

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Recently Updated 2018 When They Cry: Rika's Story is a visual novel rpg game that follows the manga but uses Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Anime images when possible. As well as some rpg and changing of story depending on choices. Though some of these chapters appear in the anime you will find they play out more differently. http://higurashirpg.blogspot.ca
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Recently updated! Fixed re-playability errors, Rika-Jan new starting chapter, Before Twilight has four different endings. Check website for more info.
When They Cry [v2018]
When They Cry [v2018]
When They Cry [v2018]
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daisu Profile (180 Gemas) 2011-12-19

visual novel not much different from subtitled anime.

daisu Profile (180 Gemas) 2011-12-19

75% reading, 25% rpg gameplay. Its all horror-type stories, not too scary but each story is another piece to a puzzle. It becomes more gameplay heavy depending on choices. There also a sandbox freeplay area where you can level and find better equipment and unlockables if want to focus on that type of thing.

Marius (3358 Gemas) 2011-12-18

I'm downloading it... but a question : <br />it is only a visual novel... like a movie, or it is also an rpg ?

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When They Cry [v2018]
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