Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha]

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Publicado el: 2020/08/03

Shoot em Up


People sometimes ask me who Tony and Clyde are. And I tell them: You see, we all like a bit of the good life. Some the big piles of money, the glamour of being reverenced in the streets. Others are addicted to the adrenaline rush of an ongoing heist. But Tony and Clyde are different. Why? Well, because Tony and Clyde want the whole package!
#shooter #action #arcade
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Hey guys, it's great to see such amazing feedbacks from this community! We are still in the process of improving and adding Game Mechanics, so here we go with the NEW STUFF **Bullet Time Dodge** - to trigger dodge towards an enemy projectile. **Animations Polishment** - All walking cycle and dodge motions were updated! **Send us your feedback!**.
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Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha]
Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha]
Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha]
Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha]
Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha]
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garryblu (Nivel 4) 2021-04-03

YouTube Gameplay
Rating 9/10 stars for this game. I have some of problem like lagging cause I can't reload my shotgun and I can't shoot for a sec. But this game is cool. Design, Input control, Action is the best :D. Maybe you need to add more of option like new game, load game, setting, etc.
wearevenom (Nivel 11) 2021-03-14
I played also your other games. But the style of this one is the best! You have to continue to focus your energy on this title!
Studio90 Verificada (Nivel 8) 2021-02-01
Hey, sorry for posting here, i just released a big content update of my game, please check it out and let me know what you think :)
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