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Publicado el: 2014/03/05

Shoot em Up


A crossover between danmaku and arena-shooter based on Touhou universe. Made for the Game Jam of RPG Maker Détente in 8h. This is the final version of the game. 6 stages, 1 extra stage and 2 specials stages with progressive difficulty.
PS: Sorry for instructions in french.
Lenguaje: English  
TDA Eastern Phantasm
TDA Eastern Phantasm
TDA Eastern Phantasm
TDA Eastern Phantasm
Comentarios 3
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Nabucodonosor (Nivel 9) 2019-12-29
Funny! Confusing but good!
Cimpo (Nivel 6) 2016-09-18
only 6 stages D: very short !!
Jonathan Fish (Nivel 16) 2016-08-16
nice game !
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