Take Your Time

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T a k e Y o u r T i m e 's a vaporwave/synthwave/chillwave inspired arcade racing game, with nice pixelated aesthetics and great music to enjoy during your races. It's more an experience than a game, made to be a cool tribute to chill music and old pixelated games. The main focus is to create something that will give to these awesome music tracks a new chilling dimension!
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Take Your Time
Take Your Time
Take Your Time
Comentarios (4)
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Cantex76 (Nivel 6) 2016-09-08
Nice ! I follow to see the new tracks ! :D is there also a multiplayer mode ?
Cange (Nivel 7) 2016-09-04
nice. you should improve the ui and add more tracks... ! i follow
Fleurman Profile (Nivel 11) 2016-08-26
I love this idea ! The ambiance is really good and the experience is smooth. For me, the car interior takes a little to much space on screen and the hands aren't necessary, though. I presume that you will add more tracks but these three are a bit too short maybe. Again, that is a great project you have here, how do you plan to continue ?
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