Proj Adventure Game

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A metroidvania indie game. Explore a cave divided in zones. You find items and gained skill. Fight against enemies and bosses. Enjoy it. Thanks
Proj Adventure Game
Proj Adventure Game
Proj Adventure Game
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EncoForge Profile (538 Gemas) 2017-04-15

I completed it :D finally!!!Was a bit hard,anyway i wrote a comment on a video on your channel, Domenec Claret,i should say that the game is very nice ;) and i enjoyed to have completed it,I hope u will make other platform games in the future. Because i love platforms : ) This is maybe the best platform on this site,it's "full" and now it's inspirational for me. Best regards friend!!!

EncoForge Profile (538 Gemas) 2017-04-13

It seems a veeery good platform,but there is one defect... Why u used the default explorer-sprite of GameMaker for the protagonist? A main character should be unique,this ruins a game that could have been perfectly marketable.

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-16

it'a amazing... i don't know why the author don't do more games... D:

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Proj Adventure Game
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