Andor the Cards of Wonder

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Bring your creativity and enthusiasm and quickly enter Andor's fantasy world! Whether you are a Paladin with a bright deck or a Necromancer with an evil deck, you will compete with players from all over the world on the arena. As long as you are passionate about strategy and tactics, "Andor - Card of Wonder" will surely bring you an experience you have never had before.
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#4.17.3 Update ◇The purchase price of the two-color Artifact has been adjusted to 10,000 dust and the sell price is 5,000 dust. ◇New Origin Cards: **Martial Coup** WWW Cost9 Spell Exile all creatures, then put all creatures with power 3 or less from your graveyard to the Defense Line. **Extort by Trick** UUU Cost10 Spell You take all of your opponent's cards...
Andor the Cards of Wonder
Andor the Cards of Wonder
Andor the Cards of Wonder
Andor the Cards of Wonder
Andor the Cards of Wonder
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Yahoo (Nivel 10) 2022-03-26
Oh, finally an update!
RockMith (Nivel 9) 2018-12-15
this can be one of the greatest card games!
Reofloor (Nivel 10) 2018-07-10
the idea is graet, but is it possible to play it online? No way to export it? :(
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