Play MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018

MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018

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Francesco Sannicandro

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Publicado el: 2018/04/27



That's my final version of the Ultimate MUGEN fight Snk vs Capcom (SNK based). In beetween all of these great fighters, who's The real King of Fighters?!
I made this possible through free time and passion, so don't be angry at me! You will meet characters from our youth! :)
I hope you can enjoy it! A good selection of 400 characters and 250 stages are served!
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Bugs may occurs, I don't do this as my job, but just for passion! I spend a lot of time for the music in the game, I wanted to make stages more real and appropriate to their scene. I used a lot of classical music even because that's my real field of work. I hope you can like it. Please don't esitate to ask me for corrections or other problems to fix! Grazie mille! :)
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MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018
MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018
MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018
MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018
MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018
MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018
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mTSOULI (Nivel 10) 2020-04-06
This brings back memories. thanks for the game
TheBigShow (Nivel 12) 2018-06-21
The last mugen game that I remember is of the 1998. Even if recently they made jump force.
mazzutakgame (Nivel 14) 2018-05-24
Complimenti! un roster da paura amico mio, mi ci stò divertendo un casino, far combattere Goku contro Pegasus non ha eguali, ottimo lavoro!
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