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Man O' Barrel: Daniel is an Explorer, but on his way to his new adventure his ship he aboard has been hijacked by pirates, after some occasion pirate throw him away to the ocean and now he is ended up on barrel floating in the ocean for a few day. after tough day he is arrive to mysterious island.
Lenguaje: English  
Nuevos: 1
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Man O' Barrel
Man O' Barrel
Man O' Barrel
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Tails_Strife Verificada (Nivel 15) 2020-12-22
nice as game but there are the problem, after the first day in the rest of the game you can et lost very easy and there is a bug in the exit of the cave where you can't go back
Stre93 (Nivel 14) 2020-12-21
it is the first time that I see this assets
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