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Relentless twin-stick shooter with rogue-lite mechanics set in the roaring 80's.
Lenguaje: English  
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Hey HyperParasite fans, We're super hyped to let you know that you can now download our Pre-Alpha here on Indiexpo. Of course, we'd love to hear your feedback so make sure to leave yours or join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/HoundPicked But that's not all! We're launching our Kickstarter campaign on the 10/10/2018! That’s just six days away. Check out...
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Gatsu87 (2898 Gemas) 2018-10-16

A very dark game. In the first part you don't know how to play it, but then the character is very easy to use

wearevenom (333 Gemas) 2018-10-09

is it your first ks campaign? good luck!

Reofloor (1212 Gemas) 2018-07-10

one of the BEST. so fluid, so colorfull so roguelikecool

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