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Publicado el: 2018/10/18


Game Maker

A nostalgic 2D RPG Adventure game 20 quests and 25 skills and 130 piece's of Armor. Over 250 craft Items and more special features. Most of the Game is focused around 20+ quests that explore a wide map of ARCANIA. You are playing the part of the one who saves the world by helping others and learning new things and skills.
Lenguaje: English  
Nuevos: 3
This entire game will be Open Source 2019 -2020!
Holy Order
Holy Order
Holy Order
Comentarios (3)
Ayuda de formato
ValhallaGames (142 Gemas) 2018-10-31

Please Report Bugs Here!

wikilox Profile (678 Gemas) 2018-10-18

interesting start. You still need a lot of work. Is it your first game?

ValhallaGames (142 Gemas) 2018-10-18

Small Bug noticed: have to click feet in order to bring up chat on some NPCS

Holy Order
Holy Order
Holy Order
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