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"Freya's Beginning "

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Publicado el: 2016/09/27


Rpg Maker MV

Meet Freya, a girl from Kindness Village. She enjoys making friends and having fun. When she meets Francis and eventually her sister , Luna, her life is changed as she goes on a adventure through the Kindness Planet. What will her life become and why is she being called an Angelic Knight?

Lenguaje: English  
Nuevos: 16
UPDATE: I will be updating this game for you folks tonight. There is no new story elements, but there are new things to find, including your first taste of Kindness Charms, a currency that will be part of the game in future updates
"Freya's Beginning "
"Freya's Beginning "
"Freya's Beginning "
Comentarios (6)
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Alkatraz (Nivel 8) 2016-10-10

if you want more downloads, you should improve it ! Change the graphics and add updates frequently ! Work hard, play harder !

geod_3 (Nivel 9) 2016-10-08

Good game ! Improve the style and the mapping ;)

LordDestro (Nivel 7) 2016-09-30

upload it here ;) so the game is nice ! ;) good start !

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