Dreams Of Adventure

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Genre: Open world, Choice Maters, Real-life like, RPG with 1200 hours put in it.
More info on facebook, itch.io. #openworld #secondlife
Lenguaje: English  
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​Hey people! I'm back! I managed finally to gather some money after almost two months and I got a new (used) pc! I will start working as soon as tomorow and do some grinding for next few days to push out the update as fast I can, I will , as said before, push half of the update since I lost a lot of work. Will finish the things I had finished before pc burned out and post...
Dreams Of Adventure
Dreams Of Adventure
Dreams Of Adventure
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lucyinthespace (Nivel 14) 2021-04-25
Very happy to receive updates about this game m good luck!
wearevenom (Nivel 11) 2018-10-09
please, update it :( i'm very sorry that you're so busy, but i'm wating for your updates! It's very nice!
Reofloor (Nivel 10) 2018-07-10
I love the openworld game!!!
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