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Feed Charles

1628 Jugadores - 6 Suscriptores Suscriptores
Created for Ludum Dare 46 - Keep it Alive. #LDJAM
Lenguaje: English  
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Feed Charles
Feed Charles
Feed Charles
Comentarios 3
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Myrkvidr (Nivel 13) 2020-09-09
it is really difficult to control. very frustrating, but its a nice idea and it has some potential. I like the music
iamhere (Nivel 13) 2020-04-28
why only 4 players? it's good! Game to play!
wearevenom (Nivel 11) 2020-04-23
I like the artworks and the hud, but I don't like so much the background used. I don't know why. Probably you have few time to make it better
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