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Fech The Ferret is #3d #platformer all about speed, electronic music and a pink ferret.
In this demo you can run and explore the very beginning of Fech's adventure as he wakes up in a oddly uncomfortable forest set in the region of Marmocle.
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I've posted an update on the development of Fech The Ferret! We've made the second area "Cava rattina" and going on with the production of the rest of the game. You can see all about it here! https://twitter.com/RaoulWB/status/1374468985320742913
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Fech The Ferret
Fech The Ferret
Fech The Ferret
Fech The Ferret
Fech The Ferret
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Sottorive (Nivel 6) 2021-04-02
Is Cava Cattiva also in this version to download?
Best IndieGames (Nivel 16) 2021-01-09
This game is in the video about the Top 7 BEST NEW Indie Games of December 2020

YouTube Gameplay
LesGrossman (Nivel 12) 2020-12-04
I don't like so much the "Tron legacy" areas. I prefer the grass valley!
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