Crime Opera (Demo)

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A Crime Thriller #Visualnovel #oelvn currently on #kickstarter with 24 chapters and seen through the views of six narrators. This entry focuses on the young members of the Gallo Mafia family.
Lenguaje: English  
Crime Opera (Demo)
Crime Opera (Demo)
Crime Opera (Demo)
Crime Opera (Demo)
Crime Opera (Demo)
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wearevenom (Nivel 12) 2020-07-18
"currently on #kickstarter" ? Probably you have to update your descriptio.
Marco Sacchetti (Nivel 12) 2020-06-08
Very nice plot! When the full version?
Best IndieGames (Nivel 16) 2019-01-06
This game is in the video about the 5 Best Free Games of December 2018

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