Chester's Revenge

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Wojo Studios

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Chester's Revenge is a retro-style 2d Shooter/Platformer with a strong design emphasis on precision platforming, intense combat, and epic boss fights. Play as Chester, a smart-mouthed guinea pig with an attitude who is hell-bent on a quest for revenge against the murderous Rad Ralph.
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Chester's Revenge
Chester's Revenge
Chester's Revenge
Chester's Revenge
Chester's Revenge
Chester's Revenge
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Best IndieGames (Nivel 17) 2022-10-07
This game is in the video about the Top 2 Best Indie Games of August 2022

YouTube Gameplay
DiegoGramicciol Verificada (Nivel 18) 2022-09-01
I saw the trailer and I comment on the video, I played, it's simple and I like to play.
Gesan (Nivel 8) 2022-08-30
Played. It doesn't look so different from the other platform games. Any interesting new feature?
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