Insane Decay of Mind

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Published on: 2015/04/28



"Insane Decay of Mind: The Sound of Silence" is an Interactive Novel dealing with the psychological horror/thriller genre. It talks about the story of Katherine Watson, a misterious woman trapped in the ruins of a building that she recognizes as her school. Prepare to face your fears and discover your past. Mac Version:
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IDM:TSS's Act II works started in this week!
Insane Decay of Mind
Insane Decay of Mind
Insane Decay of Mind
Insane Decay of Mind
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Staff Verified (Level 13) 2016-10-12
Quoted in the post about the indie horror games on the blog :
Reim (Level 6) 2016-08-03
I hate this jumpscared games XD
Fellowplayer Profile (Level 22) 2016-08-02
I completed a video of this demo. I think it is a little dark and a flashlight would help but apart from that I would like to see the full game. Gameplay link is below:YouTube: Fellowplayer
YouTube Gameplay
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