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The Shard (Textadventure)

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Published on: 2019/06/17

Browser Game


The game is about a scientist named Dr. Olbrich, who has been a professor at the university since an accident. One evening when he is working on a project suddenly strange and explainable phenomena happen.
Playable via the browser here:
#textadventure #horror
Language: English   Deutsch  
The Shard (Textadventure)
The Shard (Textadventure)
The Shard (Textadventure)
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Hellboy92 (Level 9) 2019-10-25
Are you a competitor of 0R8? XD
GreenGolia (Level 8) 2019-07-02
browser game? what?!
franco999 (Level 14) 2019-06-19
Is it also English? the video is in German
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