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The Edge of Allegoria

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This ain't no f@#%ing kid's game.
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The Edge of Allegoria
The Edge of Allegoria
The Edge of Allegoria
The Edge of Allegoria
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Yahoo (Level 12) 2024-02-22
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I'm loving your top-down, turn-based RPG. Your choice of nostalgic pixel art and homage to classic Gameboy RPGs is spot on.
I've gotta say, I really dig the boldness of mixing violence and strong language with a fantasy adventure—it's a refreshing take that keeps me hooked from start to finish.
The sheer size of the world of Allegoria and the variety of creatures and adventures it offers is impressive! Good work!
Gesan (Level 10) 2024-02-07
your pixel artist is very good. He improved the classic GB style with new elements. Just started to play. I have still to check the plot. For the moment it is not the best part of the game, but it is good
Stre93 (Level 14) 2024-02-03
But this is Pokémon Red with demons XD
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