Shawy Adventures

59 Players
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Help Shawy with his first adventure, recover the stolen sacred stones and became rich and famous. A prototype demo is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux (64bit).
Just uploaded v0.024 with several bugfixes. Changelog (v0.023 to v0.024): - Fixed max attenuation distance for sample player on different resolutions. - Disabled fullscreen option until gets properly fixed on all OSes. - Added a SFX for the slime jump. - Fixed linux build not allowing to change resolutions. - Resolution can only be changed from main menu. - Window...
Shawy Adventures
Shawy Adventures
Shawy Adventures
Comments (4)
Looking sweet
The art is absolutely stunning! The unique shape of the player helps you differentiate him from the background despite his being the same as everything else (:
Cool! Can you export it in html5 to play it online?
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