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Pizza Spy

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The agent Ace is the only hope of saving the world from a gastronomic threat in this spy-adventure from the authors of Detective Gallo. Support our Kickstarter! #spy #adventure
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Hi everyone! We are Footprints Games, an Italian indie dev team! Here is the demo of our new project, the action-comedy adventure-game PIZZA SPY! It is a replayable game with multiple paths to solve problems! If you like the demo, please support us on our Kickstarter page! Thanks! #spy #adventure
Pizza Spy
Pizza Spy
Pizza Spy
Pizza Spy
Pizza Spy
Pizza Spy
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RealTidus (Level 13) 2024-02-26
it looks like a good animation prodoct to show on cartoon network! Your artist is very good!
Yahoo (Level 12) 2024-02-22
can you post more infos about the plot and the features of this game?
Stre93 (Level 14) 2024-02-07
Hi! I know your team because I played previously Detective Gallo, but I can not find it now. I was looking for my followed games, but nothing. Did you remove it? Why? I loved it!
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