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Nobody in the Altar Rpg

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Published on: 2019/11/09


Rpg Maker 2000

This is a prototype for rpg maker mv migration!
It's my first Role play so be patient XD
Nov,10 Updated
We aporrozize for the problem that not contain runtime files.
Play time:5-15 minuties
Author:Guygoo(Circle team:Outer Palace)
#suspense #horror #mangaanime
Language: English   日本語  
Nobody in the Altar Rpg
Nobody in the Altar Rpg
Nobody in the Altar Rpg
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Soulrender (Level 12) 2020-01-04
I like that oldschool graphics and that old school RPG Maker. However I can't play because I get only question marks error on start.
wearevenom (Level 12) 2019-11-14
Italian and English? Are you sure? It looks Japanese and English
Tails_Strife Verified (Level 15) 2019-11-09
1 ti consiglio di inserire tutti i file di gioco all'intero di una cartella per motivi di "ordinamento" 2 ho un problema all'avvio,mi dice:rpg???2000??? 3 se il gioco è in lingua inglese e italiano perchè l'interfaccia nelle immagini è giapponese?
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