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Magical World Adventure

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Magical_World_Adventure(Ver1.0.3)(EXE).zip (44 MB)
Published on: 2023/04/14

Browser Game


MagicalWorldAdventure #Yeonsung_Game
About The Game
● Magic World Adventure is a 3D fantasy open world simulation game. Walk around in a limited area and enjoy a variety of things and relax.
● The purpose of this game is simple. It's just appreciating and relaxing. If you become curious, try it and experience various things.
● Find hidden 3 colors of gems, too!
Language: 한국어  
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● The game is also uploaded to .
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Magical World Adventure
Magical World Adventure
Magical World Adventure
Magical World Adventure
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gamefive Verified (Level 16) 2023-05-06
월드 잘 구경하고 갑니다. 움직이지는 않더라도 캐릭터(사람이든 동물이든) 있으면 어떨까 하는 생각을 해봅니다. 코딩으로 인터렉티브한 요소들을 넣으면 정말 멋진 게임이 될거 같아요
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