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No Hexy

327 Players - 4 Subscribers
Published on: 2017/03/31



No Hexy is a simple, minimalistic narrative experience that talks about important topics like Bullying and Racism. You are Hexy, the only Hexagon in a world of Triangles, Squares and Pentagons. Being yourself will make something happens and you will learn that sometimes the best thing to do is mask who you really areā€¦ Headphones are higly recommended! - Use W/A/S/D to move
Language: Italiano  
No Hexy
No Hexy
No Hexy
Comments (2)
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the ugly truth (2222 Gems) 2017-03-31

I don't understand how to do in this game...

Staff (2994 Gems) 2017-03-31

I noted that it use few buttons and is in #html5. If you want, you can add the #indiepad support ;)

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