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188 Players - 2 Subscribers
Published on: 2016/10/18



Plays in this fun puzzle. Rotate the items available in the game. But attentive. Every action has been studied. If you mess up a maneuver also not be able to complete the level. Use your wits, turn on your brain and complete all levels in this particular and fun game.
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Comments (5)
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Eugor (2939 Gems) 2016-11-02

This game looks really awesome and an original idea.

Mente77 (976 Gems) 2016-10-26

A very good start ! Add more levels ! I Follow !

Step (1481 Gems) 2016-10-18

Completed. But only 3/5. You can improve the graphics. The last level you can turn on only 2/3 light. I like the logic and the design. It's done very well but you can improve it in several ways. :)

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