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JET Aicko

8 Players - 2 Subscribers Subscribers


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Published on: 2024/07/01



fight with the little cyborg Aicko in this action-packed anime-style game
Fly with the trusty JET-B and destroy the enemies that come your way using the available abilities
#arcade #action
Language: English  
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JET Aicko
JET Aicko
JET Aicko
JET Aicko
JET Aicko
JET Aicko
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SomaOS (Level 8) 2024-07-20
Gioco molto frenetico e immediato, piacevole lo stile jappo. Non si può non notare la cura per le animazioni, i menù, le mosse speciali, ecc. Anche il combattimento a terra l'ho trovato molto soddisfacente che rende il gioco più vario del solo "mira e distruggi".
Ottimo lavoro !
Coopa (Level 10) 2024-07-01
Just played the first minute. I loved the "anime" references. The battle is a little bit confusing the first times. A lot of things to see and i don't know what to press. But it is good! I will continue to play it!
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