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Kaen999 (Level 19) 2019-10-13
Please, how can i download?
Fry2 (Level 12) 2018-06-14
Too short
Fellowplayer (Level 22) 2018-03-27
I like the look of this game, reminds me of a certain pixelated horror ;)
ronnye (Level 15) 2018-03-26
great team. But today to be the most downloaded game is not so easy
CapZero88 (Level 12) 2018-03-26
Just one point? D: so, it's very nice! Easy and fast 2 play
Popsan Angel (Level 13) 2018-03-26
no weapons?
Freank Verified (Level 16) 2018-03-26
it looks great... but I don't try to hit the enimies T_T
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