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Eternal Twilight - Demo

91 Players
Published on: 2017/02/09


Rpg Maker MV

In a world of humans, monsters, and magic users called Magi, a power-hungry Empress aims to commit genocide on anything and anybody she deems unworthy. Her current focus: Magi. Her sinister plans do not go unchallenged...for a resistance group springs into action in hopes that they can beat that evil woman and her empire to hell where they belong! #rpg #rpgmakermv
Eternal Twilight - Demo
Eternal Twilight - Demo
Eternal Twilight - Demo
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Tea's Jams (20 Gems)

Ferny, very ferny :) Hello :)

Fernyfer775 (65 Gems)

Note to players: The game plays MUCH smoother when you just download it directly, instead of playing it through the website.

Staff (2979 Gems)

please, add direct download. I remember you that if you upload here the .zip of your MV game, you can automatically play it online here. You can also add the "indiepad support" to use your smartphone like a gamepad. :)

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