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Nothing new on tv

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Published on: 2016/08/31



#LDJAM 36 submission A little experiment on narration through rapid zapping. Play 2 different characters living on their own cinematic universe. Done in 72 hours. controls : left and right arrows to move X or space to jump C to shoot (depends on character) down arrow to duck
Language: English  
Nothing new on tv
Nothing new on tv
Nothing new on tv
Comments (8)
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Fellowplayer Profile (22305 Gems) 2018-01-05

I like the way the perspective is set for the player in an old TV.

Cantex76 (697 Gems) 2016-10-14

Ripetitive but nice !

cema12 (1031 Gems) 2016-09-22

Nice game! Me too vote for a spin-off about the western area ! :D

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Nothing new on tv
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