Eredia: Diary of Heroes

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Published on: 2018/03/02


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Official Website: Hunt or be hunted in vast open world scarred by the tides of war. Versatility is your biggest weapon in this unpredictable and thrilling journey, as Eredia promises to keep you guessing at all times. Eredia: The Diary of Heroes is the first part in the Eredia trilogy, and it follows the journey of a hunter named Kenrad Krauser.
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Greetings, fellow potatoes! As the chief potato of Potatobrain Games, I am proud to announce the planned release date for Eredia: Diary of Heroes is 31st March 2018. (Planned, not final) While the development of the game is complete, and the testing/balancing is at its final phase, too, it is time for us to get busy with marketing, promotions, steam integration, and...
Eredia: Diary of Heroes
Eredia: Diary of Heroes
Eredia: Diary of Heroes
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TheBigShow (3040 Gems) 2018-04-15

Oh. I miss this game. Very interesting!

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Fellowplayer Profile (21602 Gems) 2018-03-04

This looks different to the usual RPG game which is nice to see.

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Staff (2278 Gems) 2018-03-02

Please, replace the download link with a direct link. You can also upload it here. You can add the link at your website in the Website area. Or we will remove this page :(

Eredia: Diary of Heroes
Eredia: Diary of Heroes
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